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Easter Flowers

A must have for Easter Dinner, A Centerpiece Showstopper!

 Easter is the sign of all things spring, there's no better decision than to make sure your table is covered with breathtaking flowers. These 12 Easter Flowers are truly representative of the holiday, and their beauty goes without saying. Stick with brights, pastels, and colorful arrangements of the following flower varieties.

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 Lift the succulents out of their containers and remove the dirt and roots, rinse. Make sure they are at room temperature and void of all moisture.  Each large succulent will be left with a short stem, probably 1⁄2" to 1" long, and the smaller ones might have barely any stem at all. For each of the smaller succulents, poke a piece of straight stem wire horizontally through what little stem they have, right below the base of the succulent. Thread it through until the succulent is centered on the wire.