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Accent Decor

Check out the great 2018 Collection


Steps on wiring Succulents

Peony Care and Handling

What a show stopper Peonies in bloom are!

Get to know Greenrose

Stunning Roses

A Proud History

Pikes Peaks weekly 20% off Super Wednesday

Certified Floral Designer Class

Mother's Day 2018

Picking the Perfect Flowers for Mom

Easter Flowers

A must have for Easter Dinner, A Centerpiece Showstopper!

Rose Care and Handling

Valentines Day Supplies

Going Fast!

Ken Senter,AIFD and Pikes Peak

Presents the 2nd Annual Jim Johnson Cup

2018Houston Rodeo

Giddy up and get your orders in !

Preparing for Forsythia Branches

Easy steps to make Forsythia bloom

How to care for Poinsettias

Poinsettias bring a splash of festive red and green.


The Face that has Launched many Beauitful Designs

Sunflowers are great heading into the Fall

Thank You!!!!

Blooming Plants

Don't forget your Blooming Plants

Mother's Day

History of American Celebration

Fun, Flowers, Rodeo

Holiday Design Class

Instructed by Pat Hermes TMF

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Wreath Enhancements


Get to know our vendor

Halloween History and Symbols