10 Facts About Flowers You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

red roses

Flowers are impactful, beautiful and full of awesome fun facts.

You may already know and others may just
learn about today, either way, you can never know enough fun flower
facts. Not only do flowers offer us visual and emotional well-being
they have amazing appeal and history. Let’s dive right into these
mind-blowing flower facts.

10. Get Your Zzzs With Gerbera Daisies

If you want to get a better night’s sleep tonight, try placing
gerbera daisies next to your bed. Gerberas emit oxygen and absorb
carbon monoxide and toxins at night, this was said to be especially
helpful for anyone suffering from sleep apnea.

9. Roses Are Related To Fruits & Almonds

Roses share a relation with almonds, apples, raspberries,
cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, and pears. Roses have what’s
called rose hips which are a berry fruit in some roses.  Rose
hips are used to make jellies or teas as they are loaded with
Vitamin C.

8. Tulips Bulbs Were Used As Food Source.

Although this flower fact is more well-known, it’s important to know why tulip bulbs were eaten. No one ever claimed that tulip bulbs were delicious, however, they were eaten because of hunger and food shortage. During World War II tulip bulbs were claimed to taste awful and dry however many kept hunger at bay by eating tulip bulbs. Some families used tulips in place of onions.

7. Broccoli Is A Flower

We do not think of broccoli as a flower nor do most florists display broccoli in their floral cooler. However, broccoli, in fact, is a flower. Broccoli is harvested before the flower buds fully open and eaten as a vegetable. Maybe it’s time we start incorporating broccoli in floral arrangements.

 6. Hydrangeas’ Soil Determines Its Flower

Hydrangeas’ color is determined by the acidity of the soil it’s
planted in. If the soil is too alkaline it will result in pink

5. Queen Victoria Was A Flower

During Queen Victoria Era 1837 – 1901, in order to be considered a well-rounded young lady you were expected to learn how to arrange flowers. Queen Victoria loved flowers so much that she wore an orange floral wreath instead of the expected crown.  She also incorporated lavish amounts of beautiful floral arrangements at her wedding making wedding flowers a must have for all brides.

4. Sunflowers Saved Lives

Surprisingly sunflower stems were used to fill life jackets.
Floating sunflower rafts have been used to clean up water
contamination from the Chernobyl disaster. The roots of the
sunflowers remove up to 95% radioactivity by drawing the
contaminants out of the water. Simply amazing!

3. Daffodils Used As Currency

Daffodils are used as currency for Prince Charles, he is paid one
daffodil a year as rent for his lands on the Island of Scilly and off
the coast of Cornwall.

2.  Stop & Smell The Chocolate

Just when you thought that flowers could not get any more
miraculous, along comes Chocolate Cosmos. These
beautiful dark burgundy flowers smell exactly like chocolate… amazing, huh?

Check out these other varieties of flowers that also smell like

  • Chocolate Orchid
  • Black Salsify
  • Chocolate Daisy
  • Chocolate Mint

1. Do You Speak Floriography?

How could we leave out the language of flowers? Floriography, the
language of flowers, has been around for thousands of years, however,
most popular during the Victorian era due to its conservativeness
with emotional expression and flirtations.

Floriography allowed one to express themself without saying
something deemed taboo out loud to its recipient. Floriography
consisted of an actual floral dictionary where the sender could send
flowers to someone with encoded messages through the bouquets also
known as “Talking Bouquets,” sort of like text messaging for its

If only this were popular now, “Talking bouquets”  – Florists, we think this is due for a comeback.



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