How to Handle Fresh-Cut Peonies as a Florist

What a show stopper Peonies in bloom are!
Photo by Valeriia Miller

Peony care and handling tips:

  • Quickly process the flowers. Don’t worry if the leaves appear a little limp. They just need some water to perk up!
  • Fill up a clean container or vase with at least 3″ to 4″ of room temperature water.
  • With sharp floral shears, cut at least ½” to 1″ off each stem at a diagonal and quickly place it in the water. You’ll want to make sure you remove any foliage that falls below the water line.
  • The rate at which the blooms open will vary and depend on a variety of factors. Some peony varieties ( coral charm & Coral Sunset ) open quickly, while others may take a few days to start. The temperature of the room they are kept in will also affect how quickly they open: warmer room = faster open rate.
  • You’ll want to keep an eye on the water levels as peonies can drink quite a bit of water so you may have to re-fill the vase often. Also, you’ll want to clean and refill the vase and re-cut the stems at least every 2-3 days to maximize vase life.

Peonies are beautiful and a show stopper and very  little work and are very worth the money!

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