Why These White Wedding Roses Are In Demand And What to Use Instead

White roses cost how much? Yep, these common wedding flowers have skyrocketed in demand and price. Let’s get into how this happens and the many substitutions to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

  • Wedding roses are up 25-50%. The pandemic’s ripple effect and Mother Nature has impacted the supply chain in multiple ways.
  • Playa Blanca and Quicksand are the top wedding flowers. Favorites of the industry, however, may not be the best option this year.
  • Substituting is where innovation begins. Whether you are designing with pure white, creamy, blush, or green-tinted roses, find the quality rose that works for your client.

Let’s get into why supply has been low.

Why White Roses Are Hard to Find

Poor Weather

Wedding details are handled by the event planners and florists, but who were the ones who grew and harvested the flowers? When it comes to the production of cut flowers, Mother Nature has a lot to say. In 2022, our South American farms have suffered through colder than usual temperatures and heavy rain, which delayed the process. Closer to home, California growers have dealt with droughts, bringing an equally challenging delay in the growing season.

Fewer Truck Drivers

There once was a time when truck drivers were praised for their back boning efforts, sacrificing family time and regular work schedules to deliver consumer goods across the country. Truck driving clout has now shifted to industries like technology and cryptocurrency. Because of this decline in popularity, the trucking industry has endured distribution inefficiencies and added costs. 

Holdups at Airports (Decline in International Flights)

Shipping flowers across countries is costly, meticulous, and high maintenance. These perishable babies not only need temperature-controlled coolers throughout their journeys but also to arrive at their destinations in a timely manner. Holdups at the airport can be the result of less space on flights, meaning these flowers sit for days before they are loaded onto an airplane. Especially during pandemic times and now with inflation, the decline in international flights means flower priorities get bumped. 

High-Demand Wedding Substitutions

Pure White
Hints of Green

“There is no such thing as a perfect rose, so our work will never end, but we will never stop looking for it.” — David C. H. Austin

The Wedding Industry Can Bounce Back

As much as we love Playa Blanca and Quicksand roses, the creativity found in the floral industry comes from passionate, hardworking, and adaptable designers who have pivoted repeatedly to find new grooves despite setbacks. With support from the sales representatives and flower alternatives such as the varieties outlined above, the wedding industry can bounce back quickly and thrive well into the future.

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